Lionel 2297WS Freight Train Set

This set includes everything. Everything is in perfect working condition and has not been out for many years. It has been carefully packed away. Set includes all boxes; main set box, including all inner boxes. Set box shows slight wear and tear, but is completely intact, and looks great. All other boxes are in great condition. The train set itself has only been used a handful of times during Christmas time, many years ago.
I also have a Lionel No. 342 Operating Culvert Loader, which I can include with the set. The box is also included with this item, and is in very nice condition. The Loader itself is in great condition, and has been used less than the set above. It has been packed away safely for many years, as well.
All instructions are included, and they are also in excellent condition.
Neither of these items have been near moisture. They have both been in a warm, dry closet beside my bedroom.
Please send a message if you have questions or want additional information.