Lionel 2321 FM Trainmaster 5 Car Freight Train Set w/ Boxes and set Box 2223w

Vintage Lionel FM Lackawanna Trainmaster Freight Set w/ Cars and all original Boxes


This FM Trainmaster is in Excellent Plus Condition . There is no rust, dents, gouges, or missing parts. The engine, although used, has not seen a lot of track time and was carefully stored in the original box. The battery case is clean. The engine shell does have the typical screw crack on the front. These shells were a fraction too long, when in production and therefore 90% or more of them developed a crack at the screw hole. This crack often occurred by itself because of the extra space. I actually, do not believe this shell was ever removed from this unit. The Freight Cars are also in excellent plus condition. I can see no cracks or missing parts. They were also carefully boxed and stored. The set includes the:

2321 - FM Lackawanna Train Master Diesel

w/ original box, insert, and wax

wrapping paper. All in excellent plus


6462-100 -Red Painted Gondola w/Barrels.

The original box is intacted but the

flap ends are loose.

6464-100 - Silver Feather Box Car with

original box. This box is in fair

condition and is missing one end flap.

3461x-25 - Green Operating Lumber Car.

The box is in excellent condition.

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