Lionel 2338 MilwaukeeGP-7 55' SOLID ORANGE STRIPE MTOB

Lionel 2338 GP-7 Milwaukee Road in Super NEW/MT/UNRUN OB Condition. The VERY BEST I HAVE come Across. Perfect Side Rubber Stamped Red Milwaukee heralds. OB Grades a TCA 9.5 with the 55' "X" DenotedStamped Box, ONLY for this2338 Full Stripe Orange band Engine. This Engine produced is very Limited supplies, 55 ONLY. Very RARE in this Full Wrap around Orange stripe. Most Production was the NON Orange stripe Variation. I have seen just a couple of these 2338s in 19 years. Though this ONE is the BEST. No track Time. UNRUN. Comes with 55' Style Lionel Wrapping Paper with 55' Instructions. It Just does NOT get any better than this!...>>>.NOTE 7 Day Auctuon, Ends Thursday Night Nov. 4th<<< Shipping 35.00 with Insurance. Please See our other High Grade Lionel this week with lots of Listings to be listed in the next couple of days, (Make this b767-200 seller Site Your Favorite) Many 6464 MTOB Box cars and lots of other MINT Rolling Stock. Thanks &