Lionel 2379 Rio Grande F-3's in Super MINT OBs, Circa 1956-57, RARE, See Pics!

Lionel 2379 F-3's Rio Grande AB in Super, MINT, Both Unit's are UNRUN, P-Unit only is Cast in the Early (Pre 1957) with "Heavy Side Molded ladders", This Variation is the Orange Mold, This shell was a carry over of the 1956 Illinois Central Orange mold shells, Now Decorated in the Rio Grande Livery NEW for 1957 I Have SEEN two of these in 23 Years and this one being in High Grade. This set Came out of an Estate collection, Collected but NEVER Used, Just stored away for 57 Years I did noticed the rear of the P-unit had a very slight bump on the edge top, and the B-unit has dome rubs. see Pics. Great Rio Livery , Paint, Nose Decal & Heat Stamped Lettering. Shipping will be 50.00 with insurance, OB's grade a TCA 9.0+ with B-Unit Insert & Instructions. NOTE: This is a 10 day Auction, Ending Sunday night Oct. 6th, Please see Our Other Great Lionel this week, Thanks and