Lionel 2545 WS Super "O" Set Circa 59' 746 N & W Long Stripe Northern MT/TR/OB!

Lionel 2545 WS "RARE" Six car 746 Long S tripe Norfolk and W estern Air & Space Freight set , S pectacular MINT/TRO (Engine & tender) all Cars are NEW & UNRUN, OBS all grade a TCA 9.0 +, The 2545 WS Set Box Grades a a 9.0++ with Vibrant Livery & Colors as SEEN! This is the Rarest 746 N& W Long Stripe set Lionel Ever Produced and in " ONE YEAR ONLY", Circa 1959. Comes with the 746 N & W Northern Engine, 746W Long Stripe Ten der, 6175 Rocket flat car, 6470 Exploding box car, 3419 D ouble bladed H elo flat car, 6650 IRBM Missile Launching car, 3540 Radar Flat car, & 6517 Bay Window caboose. See Pics, This is a Complete set even with the 175 Roc ket Launcher with all Peripherals , (Note the OB..175 Launcher set accessory , MINT & Liner also included with this set its OB not shown) all Instructions, See All Paper Instructions & Booklets Pictured, a complete 3 9-25 Packet, 909 Smoke fluid, al so comes with all unused ( Not shown) Super "O" 1959 Track, 12- 31 curved, 3- 32 straight and one Insulator track). T he really Key HERE is the 2545 WS Set Box from 59' IN HIGH GRADE(9.0++) I will Call it RARE, This set was produced in very limited quantities by Lionel, this is only the second and >>BEST GRADING<< 2545 WS Set Box I Have come across i n 21 years, + coming with as a COMPLETE 746 Train ... read more