Lionel 26889 Weyerhaeuser Log Dump Car “116”

Presented for auction is the Lionel 26889 Weyerhauser Log Dump Car “116” . This car is brand new, unrun, and has never been out of its box, except to be photographed for this listing. Lionel made this dump car in 2006 and 2007 as part of Lionel's 30021 Cascade Range Logging Train Set. Because this dump car was a part of the 30021 set, it is not catalogued separately and does not show up in any of Greenberg's Lionel Pocket Price Guides. Please see our separate listings for the 28687 SP&S Dockside Switcher, 36573 SP&S Square Window Caboose and two additional Weyerhauser Dumping Log Cars (26883 and 26888) all of which are uncatalogued items from the 30021 Cascade Range Logging Set. Rarely available separately from its set, this dump car when found on the secondary market usually sells in the $35 to $39 price range.
The SP&S line (the railroad which is featured in Lionel's 30021 Cascade Range Logging Train Set which contains the 26889 Weyerhauser Log Dump Car featured in this listing) was a collection of small railroads located in Oregon and Washington put together by James J. Hill who also controlled the Great Northern and Northern Pacific Railroads. The SP&S became affectionately known as "The Northwest's Own Railway" a motto which it officially adopted in the diesel era. Hill and his Union Pacific adversary E.
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