Lionel 27169 CN 3-bay Cylindrical Hopper - C10/Mint/NIB

This Canadian National, standard "O" 3-bay cylindrical hopper was manufactured by Lionel in 2006. This top of the line hopper was new to Lionel in 1999 and was an instant sell-out. It is a very detailed prototype of modern railway hopper with dozens of hand applied details that are no more than molded details on earlier cars. The more you look, the more details you find. Begin with over a dozen hand-applied grab handles, 6 detailed (opening) hatches at the top of the car, three detailed un-loader hatches on the underside, detailed step ladders at each end of the car, and hand-applied walkway grates on top of the hopper running the full length of the car. It has a detailed brake wheel with hand applied brake lines chain, plus for hand-applied hanging steps, one at each corner. The hopper rolls on all metal sprung trucks with metal wheels and axles, operating metal un-coupler plates, integrated into the truck (far better operationally than the "thumb-tack" version of the past 30 years) and knuckle couplers at both ends.

And that's only "half" of the story" J . While one side of the car is painted in typical CN gray with red lettering, the opposite side of the car is a literal "rainbow" of color with the chemical formula for the tankers contents: Hexamethylene-1,6-diisocyanate "OCN[CH 2 ] 6 NCO" (Don't let this one de-rail on
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