Lionel 6-30066, C&O Empire Builder, Complete Set w/ ZW

Looking to get started with the very best? The newest Lionel Empire Builder set features everything you need to get started in top-of-the-line Lionel O Gauge model railroading. With the LEGACY Command Set, a powerful ZW transformer, a huge O-72 FasTrack layout, and two switches, you have all the makings of a sophisticated layout.

Note: This is a two-box set:
6-30066 = BOX #1
6-30067 = BOX #2


SET INCLUDES: Berkshire locomotive, offset hopper, double-door boxcar with end doors, 8,000 gallon tank car, double sheathed wood boxcar, wood-sided caboose, ZW transformer, LEGACY Command Set, two O-72 switches, 22 O-72 curve FasTrack track sections, nine straight FasTrack track sections, one terminal track LOCOMOTIVE FEATURES: LEGACY Control System equipped Odyssey II Speed Control with ON/OFF switch LEGACY RailSounds sound system featuring:
-CrewTalk dialog and TowerCom announcements, each with different scenarios depending on whether the locomotive is in motion or stopped
-Five official railroad speeds with CrewTalk dialog
-DynaChuff synchronized chuffing that shifts through 15 levels of intensity as the locomotive gains speed
-LEGACY "Real-Time Quilling Whistle" control with instant response for realistic signature "quilling" and correctly timed warning signals
-Single hit or
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