Lionel #31714 Amtrak Acela Train Set Limited Edition!!!



This Amtrak Acela Train Set is a painstakingly accurate replica of the real Amtrak Acela Train System that runs from Boston to Washington, D.C. Its rivet-for-rivet detailing is taken directly from the Bombardier blueprints and the Amtrak Painting Manuals.

This set includes: a Powered Acela Power Car, First Class Car, two Business Class Cars, and one Non-Powered Acela Power Car.

This set has the following features: TrainMaster Command Control equipped, able to run in Command Control Mode or in Conventional Transformer Control Mode, RailSounds 5.0 sound system with CrewTalk dialog, TowerCom announcements and many more effects digitally recorded from an actual Amtrak Acela, Odyssey System for speed control with On/Off switch, Hinged roof panel on the top of each car houses an interior light switch for easy adjustments without having to remove the train from the track, Infrared wireless system connects each car, Close coupling system allows near-prototypical distance between the cars, Realistic tilting mechanism leans passenger car bodies into curves at speed-just like the real Acela, Directional operating pantographs-offering manual control via a TMCC CAB-1 Remote Controller as well as a lock down feature for layouts with low clearances, Track or catenary power
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