Lionel 3484-25 Santa Fe BLACK lettered boxcar

Very seldom offered for sale. Lionel 3484-25 Black lettered operating boxcar Car is full excell ent condition.
One side ladder rung has a very small flea b ite , (not noticeable unless you kno w it is there) and a couple of very,very minor paint scrapes. These are the only thing to keep it from like new-mint. Whee ls show no w ear.
Car is in absolute beautiful condition. Both sides equal condition. Box is included, but one end is complete, other end is torn out.
This is a GUARANTEED original, not a fake or reproductio n. Very few known to exist. Not for everybody, but a Lionel postwar collector looking for a 5+ rarity car. You will probably not find this car in this condition again. No shipping charge.