Lionel 440C18/19 Panel Dials - NICE!

Lionel 440C18/19 Panel Dials - NICE!

Description: Item Description: Above you will find a single view picture of a nice set of 440C-18 and 440C-19 Panel Dials for the 440C accessory. When was the last time you saw these unused on eBay?

Need tough to locate parts? Write to us with your needs. As always, we ask that you please check the pictures and determine the condition and value for yourself. Ask any questions you may have before you bid and please read the information provided below as it is important to you!

NOTE: Effective with the changes imposed by eBay on September 22, 2009 all packages will ship insured - the option has been removed. You can read a more detailed description by Scroll to the Frequently Asked Questions section. Seller: DEW Associates Corporation
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