Lionel 6110 Engine-1130T Tender-Loco EXC-C7-Runs Great Smokes Good!

Very nice 6110, Runs Great, Good Smoker, C7 caliber, may have only 1 or 2 Very Small scratches, no paint chips! The tender is another story-the rear steps have been cut off flush-probably a good idea, because at least one breaks off with normal use! It has a non-standard drawbar, but works great! Coupler works! I discovered that 6110s have 4 of 6 cotter pin holes for handrails drilled out from the factory, so I drilled out my other 6110 shells to add handrails, and since 2 had holes drilled for bells, I added them! These are very nice appearance features that will not cost the buyer a penny! The roller contact plate has a VERY TINY chip out of a corner, but the rollers are fixed and do not turn sideways, so, since it works great, I did not replace it! Numbers are relatively crisp on both sides! Shell has both markers,steps on intact cowcatcher, no breaks,cracks,chips,warps, or dings! Has Spur Gear Motor with 2 position E Unit!