Lionel # 6112 IRBM LAUNCHER FLAT CAR - 1959 NICE!

Up for auction is an original 1959 - 1963 Lionel #6650 IRBM LAUNCHER FLAT CAR. This car is used but a s you can see in the photos, this car is in good condition. The launch mechanism works like new. The trucks are original, and they pivot as they should. The wheels roll freely, and both couplers work fine. I will make sure it is wrapped in foam, and thick cardboard for it's journey to the winning bidder !
You are bidding on exactly what is pictured, and that's what will be shipped to the winning bidder.

The IRBM Launcher Car No. 6650 would lock the IRBM (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile) into firing position with the use of the lever, and the launching ramp could be adjusted to 45 degrees vertical height. The missile would be launched with a push of the tab located on the side of the mechanism. The number is to the left of the heat-stamped serif "LIONEL" imprint on the sides. There are two variations: Variation A: Uses body mold No. 6424-11. Variation B: Uses body mold No. 6511-2. This car was produced from 1959 to 1963, and was equipped with AAR trucks and disc couplers.

This item came out of a estate collection that I purchased recently. Its original owner had been collecting 'O' scale trains for over 50 years. I knew him very well and he
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