Lionel 700E 700W NYC Scale Hudson #5344

This is a gorgeous, professionally restored 700E Hudson. The 700E was the finest product that Lionel ever made and became an iconic symbol for the company. The New York Central Hudson was one of the most handsome steam locomotives ever designed, and Lionel's scale model of it was a blockbuster product that changed Lionel and the model train business. It would be 50 years before any train manufacturer would attempt a product of this caliber again.

This example was made in 1937, the year the 700E was introduced. It is stunning, professionally restored with paint formulated to look exactly like the original Lionel paint, and the same goes for the lettering.

It is Serial Number 01-1855, which is embossed in the frame under the pilot truck. The 01 indicates the first year of manufacture, and it was unit 1855 made that year. Many 1937 Hudsons suffer from metal fatigue or rot that caused warping and sometimes cracks and crazing. These castings are straight with no warps or cracks, which makes this a very special 1937 700E. The hand stamped lettering is strong, the rods are shiny and bright, and it runs beautifully both forward and back. The whistle works great, but like all Lionel whistles it can always use fresh lubrication to maintain best operation.

The Display Board is NOT included , but is available in another
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