Lionel 700E 700W NYC Scale Hudson #5344

The 700E was the best product Lionel ever made. It was also revolutionary. It was the first die cast locomotive that Lionel or anyone made that had such astonishingly accurate detail. The detail is so extraordinary that you can even read "Timken" on the tender truck bearing caps! It would be 50 years before anyone attempted another die cast scale locomotive of similar quality and detail.

This is a beautiful 1937 700E/700W, Serial Number 01-0240. The 01 indicates the first year of production, and it was the 240th 700E made. The castings are straight with no warps. There is ample clearance between the pilot and middle rail, as can be seen in the last photo. All parts are original 1937 production. The engine and tender were professionally repainted and lettered just like the originals some years ago.

The 1937 Hudson has several distinctive features that were dropped on the 1938 and later production. For example, the cab window mullions have two different thicknesses, implying that the forward window could be slid past the aft window, which was the way it was on the real NYC Hudson. The handrail stanchions on the engine and tender were turned brass and blackened. These were changed to blackened aluminum in 1938.

This is a collector grade piece. Every thing functions the way it should, and is ready to run.
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