Lionel 700e NYC Hudson with a 700t Tender 1937-1942

Here we have the crown jewel of Lionel collectors. The greatest engine that Lionel ever made. The Lionel 700e NYC 4-6-4 Hudson 5344 with a 700t Tender made from 1937-1942. I bought this to restore a few years ago and its been on my desk since. I collect Lionel 00 and American Flyer and bought it for display. It looks to be hand painted might be a 700k. I have no way of running it to see if it runs. It looks original. The shell look strait and in very good condition. In the last picture there is a hole drilled in the back of the tender,It could be filled easy. one of the side rods is off I will send the connector with it. This looks to be a nice engine and tender to restore,I think it could turn out great with a little time and work. Take a good look at all the pictures I am selling this as is. I bought it to restore, don't know if it runs and am selling it to be restored. This years Greenbergs Puts it at $1400 to $2950 Shipping is $35.00 Includes Insurance SOLD AS IS