Lionel 700E, Original 1937 Edition

An original 1937 Lionel Super Detail Locomotive Hudson Type 4-6-4 Class J-IE Series 5340, One Forty-Eighth Actual Size, Cat. No 700E

Includes Solid Rail Wood Mantle Display with Metal Plaque, Locomotive with Road Number 5344 (sever damage through out shell casting, cracking and flaking a well know issue with this piece, with left side of cab completely broken away, have most pieces) and Tender. There is a large split between the boiler and the cab as well as another split at the front of the boiler. I can provide more pictures upon request. I believe item is complete except for damage noted, but I am not a Lionel expert. Please consider the pictures a part of the description. Tender seems to be in good or better condition with some wear to the paint of the coal in the box.

Also included is the original outer box (box is missing end flap, has other tape on it and some writing on it) poor to fair condition? Original tender box (box appears complete, has other tape on it and some writing on it) good to better condition? NO BOX for Locomotive unit.

This item is sold AS IS with NO RETURNS.

Item will be wrapped in bubble wrap for shipping, cannot promise that item will not suffer any additional damage in transit.

The train was my father's. It was on display until 1972, when he passed away. Mom packed
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