Lionel 982 SUBURBAN SPLIT LEVEL House w OB 1960 WOW NR

Up for auction at NO RESERVE is a Vintage LIONEL #982 SUBURBAN SPLIT LEVEL House in excellent condition. The near impossible to find original box is also included. This snap together kit was offered by Lionel in 1960 only. I am not an expert on these kits, but I am confident that this kit was produced by Bachmann and sold through Lionel via a special license agreement.

The Split Level House was first built in the Bachmann Plasticville housing tract in 1959. I spread out all the parts and I photographed for you to examine. I think all major parts are present. All the window glass and curtains are present except the bay window and one in the rear. The glass pieces are actually still flexible and sticky. You will note a black spec in one of the windows, which is actually a piece of Lionel Coal. It can be removed, but I thought it appropriate to leave it there.

I borrowed the last image from another eBay auction offering the #982 Instruction Sheet just to show what the house will look like when assembled. You can do a search for the following title, but be quick as the listing ends shortly. LIONEL 982 SUBURBAN SPLIT LEVEL SET INSTRUCTIONS.

The original box is in pretty good condition considering the contents are not rectangular like most rolling stock and accessories. All panels and end flaps are present and
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