Lionel & Am. Flyer LARGE LOT 1930's, 40's, 50's Era 'O' Gauge Trains, etc.

List of Engines & Rolling Stock and L ist of P eripherals : Transformers, Track, Signals, B uildings, etc.


Lionel 726 w/2426W Tender

Lionel 225E w/2235W Tender

Lionel 1656 w/64038 Tender

Lionel 1110

Lionel 622

Lionel 2333-20 Santa Fe (3 piece engine set)

Lionel GG-1 2332 Brunswick Green

American Flyer 9900 Burlington Zephyr (Motor + 3 Cars)


Lionel 6520 Searchlight Car (RARE Maroon Generator)

Lionel 6420 Searchlight Car

Lionel 3656 Operating Cattle Car w/original box (box missing one end flap)

Lionel X3464 Operating Delivery Car

Lionel X3454 Automatic Merchandise Car (with 3 'packages')

Lionel RT3462 Automatic Refrigerated Milk Car

Lionel 3451 Operating Lumber Car

Lionel 3469 Automatic Dumper Car

Lionel 50 Reversing Utility/Crew Vehicle w/reversing driver

Lionel 2623 Lighted Manhattan Passenger Coaches (3 units) – Lettering: White paint is off but embossing is still visible.

Lionel 6656 Cattle Cars (x2)

Lionel X2458 Box Car

Lionel X1004 Baby Ruth Box Car

Lionel X6454 Box Car

Lionel 2555 S.U.N.Y. Tank Car

Lionel 6465 Sunoco Tank Cars (x2)

Lionel 6462 Gondola

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