Lionel Brass 1912 Special 54 Standard Gauge Locomotive

Here is a very scarce and elaborate Lionel brass standard gauge electric locomotive! This is an early "square bodied" thin-rimmed variation. This could either be referred to as a number 1912 "Special", or an early square version of a number 54. Since it is a "square bodied" locomotive, either designation could apply as lionel never stamped an actual number on their early brass-bodied locomotive. I have been told that there is a good chance that this is a Jim Cohen re-issue of this locomotive from approximately 45 to 50 years ago. This is how I am going to represent it. If it does turn out to be an actual first issue version from 90 years ago, you are that much further ahead of the game. Either way, this is a very rare, collectible, and sought after locomotive!

This one looks just like the actual 90 year old original issue locomotives with soldered joints, and a solid brass body with pedestal headlight, individual soldered steps, and actual opening doors. Most later common re-issues/reproductions were brass-plated steel bodies without the other attributes just mentioned. Also, most of them had easy to spot modern style "can motors" and modern style electrical pickups. This has a very original looking Lionel "open frame" motor with correct sliding shoe pickup. Like all early square bodied locos, this one is single motored;
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