LIONEL CALIFORNIA ZEPHYR 6 Car Aluminum passenger set...This is the 1993 release... rare ...hard to find and very popular California Zephyr Set.. it has all 6 cars of the set...19122 23 24 25 26 27....19122 is the hard to get baggage car...19123 24 25 26 are all dome cars.....19127 was the vista dome observation car (5 dome cars)...The real California Zephyr was known for the Vista Domes...All cars are like new and appear to just been on display picures you can see the rollers and the wheels...if run can not be much....each car comes in the correct box , with car bag and instructions...also has the Lionel Shipper carton...each carton holds 3 cars and are taped together..(will be shipped in a carton so t will not be any additional labels on them..t are some shipping labels and address on them)...this is a beautiful set and is very hard to find....shipping will include insurance as these cars are too hard to find...questions please ask