Lionel Century Club 18068 Special Steam Turbine Tender

Presented for auction is the Lionel Century Club 18068 Special Steam Turbine Tender. This die-cast metal tender is brand new and had never been unpacked until I opened it to take the photographs for this listing. The 18068 was made by Lionel in 1999 as an add-on tender for the 18057 Lionel Century Club S2 Steam Turbine Engine which was released in 1998. Lionel decided to release the 18057 engine with the original 1946 square type tender and then offer the 18068 streamlined tender in 1999. As shown in photograph 5, this tender comes with a set of builders photographs of the streamlined tender after which the 18068 was modeled. This tender was made in very limited quantities and was only available for sale to Lionel Century Club Members who had ordered the 18057 S2 engine, It never was distributed through Lionel's regular authorized retail network.
Features of the 18068 Tender include:
New Die-cast metal body Six-wheel Die-cast trucks Directional lighting Full RailSounds including CrewTalk and TowerCom Metal grab rails and ladder Electrocoupler Flexible tether Scale Die-cast metal Water Scoop on bottom of tender Length: 9" Minimum radius: O-31

Condition: Factory New/Brand New

TCA Grade: C-9

Original Box: Yes

Box Condition: P-9

Manufacturer: Lionel

Model Number: 18068

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