lionel o gauge Coney Island Beer boxcar custom painted

This former old glory box car was first stripped of factory paint,primed then a week later it was airbrushed with 5 coats acrylic. the artwork is hi resolution custom laser printed decals.Which were melted into the car using heat & chemicals.resulting in a painted on look.The car has several coats of clear lacquer to protect paint & art

Some Lionel sellers ship for as much as $9 to $12.00 a car.I don't gouge on shipping.2nd car ships for 2.00 on east coast. mountain & pacific add $ 3.50

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING This piece ships within 5 business days of payment. First time buyer? see what others have said about my work. I have a dog,I smoke & drink.

If you are one of those "sensitive" types or worse,a complainer.Best not to bid.