Lionel HO #5511 Grand Truck GP-9 (See description)

Lionel HO � #5511 Grand Truck GP-9 � (See description)
I am selling the collection of noted Lionel HO Collector George Horan, author of the Greenberg's Guides to Lionel HO Trains. There will be many lots in the future. I am selling some of the pieces purchased for the completion of the second book. All pieces are signed on the back from the Collection of George J. Horan. If you are looking for something specific (especially Lionel HO) send me a message and I'll check with George. I try to take excellent pictures, so .
All are in boxes. If the boxes are not original, I will state that in the description. Some have been test you, but most are completely unused.
These are more engines. I wanted to thank all of you who sent messages about George. He truly appreciated all of the kind words and looks forward to sellin more trains.
As an addtional note: All of the engines that were made by Lionel (pictured on page 19-20 of the book) were prone to breakage of the plastic clamps that held on the weights (even in the box before they were ran). George found that by placing a piece of tape over the frame the breakage was dramatically reduced. Any original frames will have taped weights. I have included a sample picture with these auctions
Repro box and liner, missing one coupler cover and wire handrails. See pics
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