This Lionel Transformer is know as TYPE KW and is the second most powerful postwar transformer produced by them from 1950-1965. It has the ability to power 2 train setups at once. This unit was completely broken down for cleaning and servicing. The service provide on it was: the installation of 2 new carbon rollers & pins, upgraded from the old style circuit breaker to a NEW SEALED 10 AMP THERMAL AUTOMATIC RESET CIRCUIT BREAKER, Installed a New 6 ft. 18 gauge SPT-2 power cord, Upgraded the rectifier disc to a New 40 AMP DIODE, Replaced Binding Post on terminals A, B, C, & D, “A” & “B” caps were replaced with New Repro caps along with the orange whistle control handle, bottom of this unit was stripped to bare metal, primed and repainted.

Once the servicing was completed, it was reassembled. The unit was then bench tested on both fixed and variable connections verify the voltage was correct. The voltage output readings on the Variable controllers: Terminals A/U 19.34v, with whistle activated 24.56v; Terminals B/U 19.35v, with wqhistle activated 24.55v. Readings for the Fixed Voltage were: C/D 12.54v, U/C 6.77v, & U/D 19.35v. All voltage readings were within Lionel specifications.

It was then tested on a layout to verify all the functions were working correctly. The functions tested were the directional
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