Lionel K-line Coca Cola Engine & 9 Coca Cola cars Plus

Lionel K-line Coca Cola Engine and 9 Coca Cola cars

Plus 8 Billboards and a all metal Triley Bank

K-ine boxcar k641m001 has no box

K-LINE 1886 COCA-COLA DIESEL ENGINE k1886 K-line O COKE COCA COLA BOXCAR 6415104 K-LINE COCA-COLA GONDOLA-FALL 94 #K653602 santa Coca Cola Christmas box car k644705 laidy Coca Cola Christmas box car k6471 Coca Cola 1998 w/Polar Bear k6415106 K-LINE 6158 COCO-COLA CABOOSE K-LINE COCA-COLA TRAIN-BOXCAR k641m001 K-LINE 616404 COCA-COLA BEARS CABOOSE K-LINE 6447 COCA-COLA BOXCAR Coco cola billboards Coco cola trilly car Bank

FEATURES: Operating Knuckle Couplers *Die Cast Wheels,

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