Lionel/Marx Toys Train items

This is a conglomeration of neat items for your train collection. First in Lionel, we have an 8204 steam locomotive and a 8050 tender, plus a 9141 gondola car. The engine and tender connect with a wire, and there is supposed to be a whistle. I personally have not used it and cannot verify that it works. Finally there is a 671 Tender that would normally go with a 6-8-6 #671 locomotive. It has some external corrosion and I do not know if the whistle works or not. Also included is Marx Toys train including a 1666 locomotive with a Penn Central tender, a Baltimore & Ohio 467110 box car, an Erie RR unloading log car, and a Penn Central 18326 caboose. Finally, there is a type 1015, 45 Watt multivolt transformer with apparently very good wiring.