Lionel O22 switch pair fully reconditioned with LED's and advanced wiring

These switches include our newly designed electronic switch controllers that replace the old style lever switches. They are illuminated and will remain lit showing the position of the switch (red for turned, green for straight). They come with the new "bootstrap" accessory plugs that include not only high accessory power to operate the switches but also a center rail power tap.
Special note, as our season winds down, we have somewhat of a mixed bag of switches to offer. There are some 5000 series ( late generation) some O22 made in the 90's and of course the old standby's O22 with the Bakelite cases. All of our switches are of course completely reconditioned and work properly, but if you would prefer a specific model, please let us know so we can accommodate you.

Off course all the lights including the lantern lights are LED's

· Minimum of 8' Cable lengths to the switches from the controllers. If you need longer let us know when you order, and we will make especially for you what you need.

· Our advanced bootstraps that provide both accessory power to the switch and a center rail power connection.

If IIf you would rather have 2 lefts, or 2 rights instead of a pair, no problem let us know.

SP SPECIAL NOTE 2/18/16: As our season winds down we are running very low on inventories. Previous to now, virtually
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