Lionel Pioneer Dockside Switcher train set 6-1287

This Lionel set is in 027 gauge and includes the new dockside switcher locomotive with a pullmor motor and a remote control forward-reverse with tender. 1 gondola car, 1 hopper car and a caboose. A trainmaster transformer. The set has 8 curved and 9 straight tracks with a manual switch and spur bumper. Every car has realistic automatic knuckle couplers and the rolling stork wheels are tapered for self adjusting on curves tby having less friction. All these cars have Lionel true-to-life detailing with super realistic underframe with authentic markings. This set has never been opened, it has the original stretch wrap which covers the styrofome casing which holds the trains and they in the original box with papers (under the wrap). A great collector's set.