AS WE SPECIALIZE IN ONLY THE FINEST, WE HAVE ANOTHER MINT+ TRAIN HIGHLIGHT FOR EBAY THIS WEEK! LIONEL POST-WAR 2332 GG-1 ENGINE IN THE EXTREMELY RARE ****BLACK****, IN MINT+ UN-RUN CONDITION! MAGNIFICENT STRIPING AND FINISH THAT LOOK STRAIGHT FROM THE FACTORY! TOTALLY UN-RUN, AND WITH INSTRUCTION SHEET, CONSUMER CATALOG, INSPECTION STICKER, RARE ORIGINAL WRAPPING PAPER, AND THE ORIGINAL BOX WITH INSERT! THE 2332 BLACK GG-1 ELECTRIC ENGINE (TYPE I) IS A VERY ELUSIVE PIECE TO FIND IN MINT+ UN-RUN, WITH A HIGH-GRADE BOX. IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE ONE WITH DECENT STRIPING ON THE SIDES. THIS ENGINE HAS A MINIMUM OF 98% INTACT ORIGINAL SILVER STRIPES! THIS IS EXTREMELY RARE, AND I HAVE NOT SEEN ONE THIS NICE IN AT LEAST 8 TO 9 YEARS. THE LAST ONE I SAW THIS NICE WENT FOR $15,000. AT AUCTION YEARS AGO.Original rubber-stamped “Keystones” on the sides are strong and magnificent. The usual rubs and scratches on the piece are missing. No corrosion to original horns, pantographs, and spectacular frame. The high-gloss ***BLACK*** body finish is splendid! Original factory rubber-stamped lettering and numbers are crisp and clear. THE NICEST LETTERING THAT I HAVE SEEN FOR A 2332! Pristine sides on the unit. Fantastic bright patina, and bold black coloration. Original pantographs are pristine and the nicest I have seen. The engine comes with ... read more