THIS IS A LIONEL F-3 TRAIN SET HIGHLIGHT FOR EBAY FOR THIS WEEK! THE 2345 WESTERN PACIFIC F-3’s, COMPLETE WITH EXTRA PAPER AND THE RARE 1952 MASTER CARTON IN EXTREMELY HIGH-GRADE CONDITION! THE TRAINS ARE MINT+ AND TOTALLY UN-RUN! **SEE PHOTOS**LIONEL POST-WAR 2345 WESTERN PACIFIC F-3 A-A UNITS, IN MINT+ C-10 CONDITION! Spectacular matching pair! See grading chart and descriptions below. THESE BEAUTIES ARE EXTREMELY RARE AND ARE OF HIGH VALUE IN THIS CONDIDITION, SEE “THE STANDARD CATALOG FOR LIONEL TRAINS, 1945-1969” BY DAVID DOYLE, PAGE 85, FOR THE RARITY AND PRICING. IT PROBABLY SHOULD BE AN RARITY OF 8 DUE TO BEING MINT+ AND HAVING THE ORIGINAL ELUSIVE MASTER CARTON! WESTERN PACIFIC 2345 F-3 A-A Units, in matching fresh from the factory condition! The “A units have the original decals. (see photos). The black heat-stamped lettering on both pieces are strong, bold, and clear. The highest-grade pristine silver roofs and sides that I have seen!� The original patina on the orange noses are spectacular and flawless. Magnificent silver pilots, again in pristine condition. No rust or corrosion on original horns, ladders or battery cover. . PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THESE WERE MADE FOR A SHORT PERIOD DURING ONE YEAR, 1952. THIS PAIR HAS THE HIGHEST-SHEEN ORIGINAL FACTORY LUSTER THAT I HAVE SEEN! HAVE YOU EVER SEEN AN ORIGINAL, RIGHT OUT OF ... read more