AS WE SPECIALIZE IN ONLY THE FINEST, THIS WEEK WE PRESENT A POST-WAR TRAIN HIGHLIGHT FOR EBAY!THE DESIRABLE CIRCA 1950 LIONEL POST-WAR 773 HUDSON AND 2426W TENDER, IN MINT+ CONDITION WITH ORIGINAL BOXES, PLUS PAPERWORK! Spectacular matching patina on pair! TOTALLY UN-RUN AND IN PRISTINE CONDITION! IT POSITIVELY IS THE NICEST PAIR I HAVE SEEN ON EBAY TO DATE! (LOOK AT THE PHOTOS) The 773 Hudson and 2426W Tender, in matching fresh from the factory condition! What makes these Mint collectibles so special are the awesome roofs, original perfect paint, crisp heat-stamped lettering, and totally un-run! The lettering is bright white. ** Look at the photo of the tender. THE FINISH IS MAGNIFICENT ON BOTH PIECES, JUST FLAWLESS! YOU USUALLY SEE THEM WITH SCRATCHED OR RUBBED SECTIONS OR DULL FROM TOUCHING WITH FINGERS OR BOX RUB! NOT THESE, THEY ARE SPECTACULAR PIECES! The numbers and lettering are original and 100% intact and the nicest I have seen. **Kindly look at the photos. The sides of the trains are matching and bright-colored. Heat-stamped lettering and numbers are not smeared and are crisp, clear, and original. Fantastic pilot and roof on engine, and awesome sides and coal bin on tender, that are pristine and factory fresh.****Please look at the photos! � The patina on both pieces is matching, which is very important to a collector. ... read more