Lionel Post War Train Set O Guage--Entire LOT for Sale!

I have up for sale my Lionel post war O scale Model train set. This is an entire LOT of Lionel Trains and cars. I still have the original owners manual in tact and in decent condition. I will include every single piece of lionel stuff to the winner of this auction including the tracks and figures and little cars.

I really need this gone so the reserve is set extremely low. Every thing shown is in good condition. What isn't shown is the figures and cars and track. I am more then willing to take pictures and send them to you on what ever you want. The only thing that is wrong would be one of the accessory pieces that the wires have dry rotted so they would need to be replaced. I can send you a picture of it if you would like.

I will list what is included in the LOT of Items:

2046--Steam Engine

2046W--Whistle Tender

6462--Gondola with 5 Barrels

6415--Sunoco Tank Car

6560--Red Bucyrus Erie Operating Crane Car

6468--B&O Automobile Double Door Box Car

3472--Automatic Refrigerated Milk Car and Unloading Platform

6561--Depressed Center Cable Spool Car with 2 Spools

6357--Lighted Caboose

395--Floodlight Tower

1033-- 90 Watt Multi Control Transformer

Railroad crossing signal

Plasticville Signal Tower

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