Lionel Postwar - 6844 Missile Carrying Car

Lionel Postwar - 6844 Missile Carrying Car
LOT DESCRIPTION & CONDITION: This came from a recent estate auction of Lionel Trains. Here is a Lionel Postwar - 6844 Missile Carrying Car. This is used and shows wear. Original stand, original missiles. This was not mine, it came from the auction. Know this before you bid. The item you see in the picture is the item you will be getting. Check out all of the pictures. Ask questions.

How I test the trains and cars.

These were not my trains. They were some other person. I don't know how they were treated or anything about them.

I try to describe the best that I can.

I bench test on a 3 foot section of track that has a UCS Remote Section. I see if the eunit cycles F-N-R or F-R for that 3 foot section. I don't know how it would work on a longer section of track.

I do not check the smoke unit if it had one.

When possible, I check the electronic uncoupler to see it it functions.

All items come straight from the auction, I don't know how long they have been sitting or in storage. This is why I suggest that you oil and lube the engine.

Sometimes there is a little dirt or dust on the engines or cars. I let you clean the way you want to.

On operating car, I also test on the track to see if they work.

If an item doesn't work, I sometimes
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