Lionel postwar set #2193W 1952 NYC F3 2344 AA 2344C boxed LN/LN+ unbelievable!!!

Hello ebayers! Thanks looking/considering my auction! Ok..I have here a postwar lionel #2193W New York Central F3 aba 4 car freight set from 1952! First off this set is unbelievable...LN/LN+ overall...Someone bought it ran it around the xmas tree then stored it away out of sunlight for the next 60 years...I have been lionel collecting for 20 years this may be the best condition set I have ran across. I mean you try and find even the slightest flaw and you can't....ALL matching LN/LN+...not a put together set..anyone can match up the cars and find boxes and even the set box but the set will never ever be identical...This set...down to the set box..the actual cars..the boxes for the cars..the inserts..the kraft paper..all it is an original set...The engine I tested it of course it ran great lights up great..barely's as if you can buy this set new in 1952. except it's 2013.. The entire set is undamaged unrusted kidding...I'll break down for you the set as follows

2193W set could bounce 300lb fat chicks off tears. all flaps..has original mini billboard set..unpunched..original UCS remote control track included with it's original box (not is picture) which has all flaps..includes of course the remote

2344P- the power A unit...all portholes present/mathcing original
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