Hello and welcome to the auction

The item up for bids is the ultra rare uncataloged Lionel X-646 United States Marine Corp train set. Including the rarest of the rare, the 212T.

This set also includes the 6806, 6804 and 6808 red flat cars with military loads.

The Pyro vehicles on these flatcars are all original to the set.

This set came to us from the original owner and has never been out of his posession until it came to us.

We have researched this set to the best of our ability and have drawn the conclusion that the 6804 6806 and 6808 cars were substituted for the 6803 6807 and 6809 at the Lionel factory. OR this is another uncataloged version that no one knows about.

Several Greenberg and other publications state the possibilty of substitutions in these sets. This could also be another version of the Seabrook Farms set.

In any event, the 212T is considered by many to be the rarest piece of postwar Lionel produced.

Locomotive is in fine running condition, does have a few roof scuffs, see photos.

The 212T is in fantastic condition with no damage or screw cracks, see photos.

Flatcars and Pyro loads are in great original condition. The only problems I've found were a repaired stem and seat on the microwave dish on flatcar 6804, and a missing
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