Lionel Prairie Type 2-6-2 Locomotive No. 2025 w/ Box (1947)

This item includes one (1) Lionel Prairie Type 2-6-2 Locomotive No. 2025 with its original box. The box has definite signs of age and wear, pencil markings, and one missing flap side, but is still intact and generally presentable.
THE LOCOMOTIVE: A variation that bears a red and gold keystone decal on the boiler front, numbered 5690 (see condition), and unpainted aluminum smoke stack. I believe this is a "Variation C" produced in 1947.
CONDITION: Overall, this engine is in very nice condition! It has been recently tested in a limited capacity and does run well. However, since it has not been fully tested on a complete track in about two years, I am auctioning & selling it AS IS. Cosmetically, it looks quite good -- it has signs of age, including some slight decoloration in a couple spots and some slightly faded numbering. One of the green jewels adorning the pilot is missing, and the red and gold decal on the front is worn (please see photos).
For more info on this model: /lionel/lionel_trains_2025_loco.htm
If you are interested, please bid according to the above information and photos. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.
I'm currently putting a number of other Lionel trains, tracks, and accessories up for auction as well. If you'd like, Please feel free to check my other Items for Sale
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