A SPECTACULAR PRE-WAR TRAIN AND WIND-UP TOY HIGHLIGHT FOR EBAY FOR THIS WEEK! LIONEL PRE-WAR 1105 “LIONEL SANTA HAND-CAR, WITH MICKEY MOUSE IN HIS GIFT PACK”. SET IS COMPLETE WITH ORIGINAL BOX, BOX INSERT, WIND-UP KEY, AND TRACK. THE SET DATES FROM 1935-36. THIS SPLENDID HANDCAR COMES WITH THE ORIGINAL PAINT WITH THE RED BASE! The hand-car is in MINT condition, with extremely high-grade original box. Spectacular high-grade piece from Lionel’s depression era! THESE ARE THE PIECES THAT SAVED LIONEL FROM BANKRUPCY! THE BASE FRAME IS STRAIGHT AND ALL ORIGINAL. THE FIGURES AND CHRISTMAS TREE ARE ALL ORIGINAL. THERE IS NO TOUCH-UP OR RE-PAINTING. **KINDLY SEE PHOTOS THAT SHOW THE ORIGINAL HIGH-LUSTER PATINA FINISH! ** The wind-up mechanism still work. As Santa pumps his hands up and down, the car moves forward, and a bell rings loud and clear. Mickey Mouse, who is sitting in Santa’s pack is all original and has his tail sticking out of the bottom of the pack. The Christmas tree is all original, still retaining the original paint. This is extremely rare, due to the fact that many people in the past would paint the tree with Christmas ornaments on it. (Rare). The brass plate on the side of the car is all original, and it has printed in red and black, ”Mickey Mouse @Walt Disney, Santa car, No.1105, The Lionel Corp. New York, Made in the U. ... read more