Lionel PREWAR 700E Scale HUDSON +12 Wheeled 700W TENDER

Offer for sale is this RARE Lionel 709W COMPLETE SET , which includes : the #700EW Scale HUDSON STEAM ENGINE and matching 12 Wheeled Metal 700T Whistling TENDER...and all SEVEN Pieces of the RAILCHIEF PASSENGER Cars...I will NOT split this Set up , or Dicker over the Price , First Cash OWNS it ! - Thank You - : If anything , I have Under - Rated the condition of this SET to avoid issues --- here are the details: - The Engine appears to be all original , and is Lionel Serial Number 0694 which makes it the 1937 Version , and early in that production...all the Diecast is straight & soild , all Four the Green jewels & marker Lights intact , all the added scale Piping intact and firmly attached , all Trim Intact , Spoked Front pilot w/ scale coupler & Lift Pins , Scale Spoked Drive wheels w/ all opearting Siderods, Valvegear intact , the Cab roof.has no dents , but it appears to have a slight slant towards the rear , hard to even tell [ see pictures ] ... Brass coupler Pin & Chain Intact...This has the " 700E - Super Detail Scale Model - Made is U.S of America - The Lionel Corporation " Nickle Numberboard Clear & Sharp on the Bottom...Those are some of the Cosmetics , now for the really good news : This Classic Locomotive RUNS great !...Smooth . Strong and Quiet , the "E" Unit works , BOTH Remotely and from the Lever ... read more