Lionel Prewar Standard Gauge # 390-E (Engine Only)

Up for sale is a Prewar Lionel 390E engine. Based on some paint chipping, I am fairly certain that the frame and bumper were painted on this item. The wheels are original and are cracking, the drive wheels have bent out. I do believe that most of the original body has not been restored/modified. I do not think it will run, but have not tested it. This is the item you will get so buy based on the photos.
I am not a toy train expert so please feel free to message me and ask any questions you have.

Question from buyer. "there looks to be orange/black overspray onto the motor, are the wheels repainted?"
I am not sure if the wheels are repainted, they look like they may have been, but it was prior to them cracking and warping, so perhaps that overspray is A. very old, or B. from the factory, I have no opinion on it.