Lionel U.S. Navy Train Set (1994) - Brand New Sealed!!!

Lionel U.S. Navy Train Set (1994) Brand New - Mint Box Still Shrink Wrapped!!!

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U.S. Navy NW-2 Diesel Switcher Engine with: Operating Headlight, Powerful Motor that works on AC or DC Current, Operating Knuckle Couplers, Forward-Neutral-Reverse Operation, Crisp Durable Markings.

Rugged Rolling Stock with: Operating Knuckle Couplers, Metal Axles and Wheels, Crisp, Durable Markings.

Rolling Stock includes: Boxcar, Flatbed with Submarine, Crane Car - Boom Raises and Lowers, Cab Swivels, Gondola with Removable Canisters, Illuminated Searchlight Caboose.

Also Included are: 8 - curved track sections, 8 - straight track sections, 2 - grade crossings, controller with power pack.