Lionel Very Scarce Flat Variation Red 6828.....TK

The red 6828 Flat Car with crane is somewhat hard to find. The flat car is very unusual. There are a number of variations of this red flat as compared to the regular red flat which is also very hard to find. This unusual has 14 stake pockets. It has one small hole molded in the center towards one end. The large and small hole towards the other end are both plugged. It has a 6511 mold. The unusual thing about this car is that it has an operating truck with the roller pick up. These pick up assemblies can be clipped on but the tab and the copper straps are riveted to the truck. This possibly was supposed to have been a floodlight car. It somehow ended up on this red flat. This is an item that can not be made. It still has the factory rivet. The scarce searchlight car with the red flat with the 6828 number had the housing glued on through the stake pockets. This car does not have any glue residue or signs that the searchlight was ever mounted on this car. It also comes in the correct window box. The box has all flaps with no tape or repair. The crane also comes in a very nice box with all flaps and no tape or repair. The crane is wrapped in the correct white packing material. The normal crane on the black flat came with the brown wrap around the crane on the inside box. I have not taken the crane out of the box because it is new.

Please use the pictures as part of the description and variation of the item. We will do the best we can to describe them accurately.

Shipping including insurance is $20.00

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