Lionel Set: 2421 Maplewood, 2422 Chatham, 2423 Hillside

Lionel Pullman Passenger Car Set of Three (3) 1952- 53. #2421 Maplewood, #2422 Chatham and #2423 Hillside Observation Car. All cars without horizontal black stripes.

All cars are without horizontal Black stripes.These cars are in good shape with the exception of one roof panel. Shown in photo #3, the roof was apparently melted by something and the adjacent vertical wall of the 2422 Chatham car is slightly melted on the upper right.

The car bodies need cleaning and have some scratching as shown in photo #4.

This set has been in our family since it was new.

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The 2421 Maplewood Pullman Passenger car is part of the 2421, 2422 and 2423 passenger car set of the early to mid 1950s. It was a popular set and the 2421 is a fairly common item to locate. Its silver paint is easy to nick, mark or scratch, and most of these passenger cars are found in less than collectable condition. Clean examples are hard to find.

Standard features on the 2421 Maplewood Pullman include: painted silver bodies with black lettering, silhouetted window strips, die-cast passenger car trucks with operating couplers plus interior illumination.

Additional Detail
The 2421 was available with and without black horizontal side strips. The black stripe versions

Horizontal Black Stripes - The 1950 and 1951 production cars include a dark-gray painted roof with a black stripe running the length of the car. Two of these stripes appeared on each side, one above and one below the windows.
Without Horizontal Black Stripes. This is the later production run from 1952 and 1953 where all black side stripes were eliminated and the roofs were now painted the same color as the sides.

The 2422 Chatham Car is also missing the thumbscrews that holds the roof onto the body.

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