This auction is offered directly from Toy Train Restoration Products, the countries largest supplier of toy train repair tools. All tools are new and are those spare parts we had left over from various production runs. We've decided to clean up this excess inventory and have assembled these extra parts into sets that are being offered at a significantly reduced price.

This is a one time offer and when these sets are gone, no more will be available at this price. This tool set retails for $159.99.

As you may be aware, this is the exact set of tools that was included in the original Lionel ST-350 rivet tool set. Our tools are made of the highest grade material and are finished with either heat treating of chemical blackening for optimal performance.

We also have some partial sets available, so please see my other auctions.

We are also offering free shipping within the US for this set!

STX -350 Riveting Tool Set Components

STX-350 Riveting Tools Part Number Tool Description STX-350-8 Roll clincher (0.062) STX-350-9 Roll clincher (0.088) STX-350-10 Roll clincher (0.098) STX-350-11 Roll clincher (0.125) STX-350-12 Roll clincher (0.140) STX-350-13 Star clincher STX-350-19 Splaying clincher STX-350-14 Binding post anvil (0.116) STX-350-15 Binding post anvil (0.144) STX-350-16 Binding post
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