Up for auction is a vinta ge Lionel standard gauge # 3 84- E steam locomotive and 384T tender . Even a s a kid looking at my dad's Lionel catalog s I fou nd this stubby locomotive amusing due to its unusual proportions. W hile it has grown on me, I still find it k ind of funny. As may be seen in the p hotos, this locomotive is in overall good condition. I would have rated it one grade higher but in examining it I noticed the p ilot has been repaired. If you look closely at the ninth photo you will see a very fine line running just below the green accent str ipe and abo ve the simulated c oup ler lift bar. It appears the balance of the original frame casting is fine. B ut the front portion of the frame was ground smooth and a new pilot section has been glued t o the balance of the frame , I assume using expoxy , and it is firmly in pla ce. In looking at that same photo you will also notice some green paint on the simulated boiler tubes and I think the raised portion of the ste ps that are highlighted in green may have been touched-up. The overall cosmetic appear ance of the balance of the locom otive and tender is good with typical sign s of wear and usage one might expect on a piece of this age. There are minor chips and scratches here and there in the finish with some more significant chips along the green p ainted edge of the walks ... read more