Whistle Stop Hobbies of Metter, GA (authorized Lionel Service Station #82) is pleased to announce that we are distributing Toy Train Restoration Products tools and parts. TTRP is the country's leading manufacturer of toy train repair tools, specializing in wheel and rivet press systems, e-unit assembly jigs, pinion gear pullers and specialized prewar motor repair parts!

TTRP offers two sizes of Rivet and Wheel Press systems including the smaller STX-150 one-half ton press and the STX-350 one ton press. Other than the press size and capacity, both systems are identical and come with the complete STX-350 Rivet tool set and STX-350-34 Threaded Anvil Holder. The STX-150 system is suitable for all applications except the larger Standard and Wide gauge trains.

These new systems both utilize the Universal Base Plate to facilitate riveting tools and wheel cups. The Universal Base Plate is designed to be moved and has three different positions or holes. T is a special hole for the riveting anvils, one for the wheel cups and a solid area for general pressing. With this specially designed base plate, the STX press has the highest throat ( largest capacity ) of any press on the market.

STX System Configurations

STX-350 RivetingTools

STX-150 Includes

STX-350 Includes

(all tools included
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