Lionel Train Collection with American Flyer Blue Comet Canadian Pacific Diesel

I have decided to sell my lifetime collection of Lionel and American Flyer Trains. I started this hobby about 15 years ago and have been collecting trains the whole time. I am not a typical collector. I would travel around to every flea-market, yard sale, auctions or by word of mouth to buy some trains. I took them home and put them in an air conditioned upstairs bedroom and never touched them. I have never ran any of the train sets, pieces or scenry pieces that I have. The trains that I have are from a vast age range, from pre-war to current stock. I have only collected Lionel O gauge, some standard gauge and American Flyer trains. I never got into buying the HO or N scale trains. I have never ran any of these trains and have no idea of their condition, wheather they run or need work or missing parts. I just enjoyed searching for them and buying them for an investment.

I do know what I have paid for them. I have made this a hobby for the last 15 years searching for these trains and I am not going to give them away. The reserve is set fair for what I have invested in them. If the reserve is not met, I may consider selling to the highest bidder, so bid if you want them! I am probably never going to set up a display as planned and have decided to let someone else enjoy them.

I do not have a total list of every train
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