Lionel Transformer KW 190 Watts-Fully Serviced & Tested

The ‘KW’ LIONEL Train Transformer is the second strongest transformer produced by them. On the top nameplate, it reads “LIONEL TRAINmaster Transformer” Type KW with 190 Watts, 115 Volts & 60 Cycles. It was produced from 1950 to 1965 and has the floating lamination stacks. This unit can operate 2 train setups with plenty of power and have the power needed for any accessories used. When plugged in, it make the normal humming sound for this type of transformer. The “A” & “B” control handles along with the directional button work independently of each other but the whistle lever is shared along with the circuit breaker function.

The case has no cracks. But it has some minor scratches from over the years of usage. It has the original power cord, which is very flexible & shows no dry rot or cracks. Also, the bottom plate has been repainted.

This unit was completely taken apart and fully serviced. This included the installation of 2 new carbon rollers & pins, a new 16 Amp Stud Diode replacing the rectifier disk, N ew upgraded sealed 10 Amp Thermal Automatic reset Circuit Breaker, 3 New Bind Post ( Terminals B, C , & D), New “A” & “B” repro caps with new repro black knobs, and a new repro Orange Whistle Control Handle. Everything else on it, is original to my knowledge.

After being serviced
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