Lionel X515NA First Sub Base Promotional Boxed Set 1960

> This X 515 NA Lionel set was issued in 1960. The set is the first containing the 910 Atomic Submarine Base and the largest component promotional set. This set is listed in the authoritative guide book: Lionel's Promotional Outfits by John Schmid. The same book states the lack of market appearance. I have been told that two other X515 sets are now known but I was able to validate only one of those two other claims. This set is complete except for the center sub and one of the two sky lights for the tower.>

The photographs below show the extensive depth of paperwork, boxes, trains and the many pieces to the set in great detail. All of the component pieces (over 60) in the X 515 package are in excellent or better in condition with three exceptions. The set box appears excellent in finish and general condition but due to it large size has some splits in the corners which could be repaired. One sub has a bent, but complete scope tower while the most difficult sub to find intact due to the very delicate detail is in excellent condition. Finally one tab on the 910 is not attached to its component, but is pressed into the corresponding slot. Some rolling stock appear unrun and never used. The corresponding boxes show very little or no wear.. >

This set is the only one with the Navy Yard Cardboard Display (Atomic

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