A nice oil on canvas impressionist landscape by Alvin Robert Raffel 1905-1987. Oil on canvas stretched over panel, tacked on edges and not glued down, measures 17" 14" and signed A. Raffel 28 � lower center left. Alvin Roberts studied at the School of the art Institute of Chicago and worked in Provincetown Mass. He exhibited at the Provincetown Art Association and at the Carnegie Institute International. He worked much in Provincetown but is known also as a Dayton Ohio artist. I recently purchased a small group of his oil paintings all from 1928. This one has great colors , kind of reminds me of Harry Fremont Ellis, this painting could use a coat of varnish and a frame and will hang beautifully for many generations to come. Raffel has auction records at several respected auction houses, listed in Who's who , Davenports and a good listing on Askart. A sweet impressionist oil painting. Shipping will be $17 � paypal please.